Sunday, 26 September 2010

*Urgent help needed for Latvian Whooper Swan Research*

Last night I recieved an important email from Kane, regarding Whooper swan research in Latvia! Having worked with whoopers out in Iceland this summer, I thought it neccessary to help out with this project. An on-going study is underway in Latvia, unfortunately the funds for this are running low for next year. The study is run by Dmitrijs Boiko, the co-ordinator in Latvia for this colour-ringing project on the whoopers..

I am asking all blog follwers and anyone who keeps in touch with my blog, to help out and vote for Dmitrijs Boiko, so that the funds can be acheived, in order to carry out this much needed research on Whooper swans for the next few years. This is a really worth cause as there is still lots that we don't know about these whoopers and more can be learned with your vote! If you vote, you will be contributing to the future research of the latvian Whooper swans.

These funds, acheived with the help of your vote, will enable the study to carry out migrating swan counting in the spring and autumn, counting the breeding whoopers in the summer and swan ringing. Please take a few mintues of your time to vote, with these simple and easy to follow instructions below.

- All people who possess a mobile phone can contribute to the continuation of the project. Please click here

Once you have clicked on the link, a box will appear in Latvian writing like so..

Please then enter your mobile number into the black box and click it. Most importantly, you will need to add 0044 before your mobile number. Example - 00447893 657845, and then click the black box. The screen will then change and another box will appear like so, with your mobile number in the correct form. You will then immediately recieve a text message with a vote code. Please enter that code into ''Unikalais kods'' and click the black box again.

The screen will then appear with a green tick at the top of the page and you will have completed the voting. You will have successfully voted for the continuous research on the whooper swans in Latvia.

Huge thanks to all who take-part. Please feel free to leave a comment so that I can keep track and see how many people have taken part. Cheers for now..

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