Thursday, 17 November 2011

Testing The Traps!


Recieving my C Permit through the post in October was a very memorable day and so ringing took a back seat for a week or too, as I needed to buy a few extras before the ringing could begin. Then when the time came, the birds just kept on coming. I set myself the challenge to try and catch and ring 100 birds in under a 4 week period and I am very proud to say that it was a huge success. My IPMR (Integrated Population Monitoring Reporter) Database now contains 103 ringing records and I am also happy to say that all these birds have been caught in either Potter or Chardonneret Traps.


This is a mass post of all the ringing I have done on my own, in the past 4 weeks mainly illustrated with a selection of pictures that I thought I would share with you all.

Coal tit

Long-tailed tit

Great tit


At the moment I have 2 seperate trapping sites in North Wales and the picture featured above is basically the setup I use and with the trap below all the feeders it is a good temptation for them to investogate. This method has proved highly successful and I am sure I will catch several 100 using this method.

Ringing Totals from October 21st - November 15th are as follows:-

  • 67 Blue tit (1 Recap)
  • 10 Great tit (1 Recap)
  • 8 Coal tit (1 Recap)
  • 8 Robin
  • 3 Dunnock
  • 2 Long-tailed tit
  • 1 Wren
  • 1 Nuthatch

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  1. Chris, Congrats on reaching the ton, especially without mistnets! Trouble with chards and potters is that they only catch birds one by one. If you make a cage trap (18" cube) with two opposite sides inset slightly and fitted with a 2" funnel you can hang a peanut basket inside and catch 10 or more birds each time. Great for Siskins and tits but not so easy to get the latter out without a catching box.