Monday, 13 September 2010

*Exam results*

Today was the big day, in which I was to find out whether or not I had passed my 2 re-sit exams which I took in late august this year. These were Ecology and Evolution and Key skills.. So having just got back from a rather wet and windy 3 mile walk around Doach woods, seeing absolutely bugger all, except the odd Buzzard here and there, it was time to check my university emails and see what lay in stall for my future.

{Inbox 1} - The email read...

''Dear Christopher,

Following the Senate Examination Board this morning, I am pleased to inform you that you have passed your re-sit module{s} and can now progress to the next year of your degree programme.

You will recieve an official confirmation via letter from the Academic Registry this week''

As you can imagine with this news, there was nothing else that mattered at that moment in time! How on earth I passed Key skills I do not know, but the revision obviously paid off..

Tomorrow it is back to birding and I shall be in search of Crossbill which I still haven't managed to see yet this year.

Cheers for now..

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