Thursday, 30 September 2010

A true migrant drops in unexpectedly!

A rather scruffy Redwing that we caught in Iceland this year for reference

The other day whilst walking from my halls of residence at Bangor university, on my way to my first lecture of the semester, a characteristic autumn sound rang out through my ears. 'Seep seep' and low and behold, a Redwing passed over rather high, but what happened next was rather shocking. Watching the Redwing fly over a nearby hall, it dropped suddenly for no apparent reason towards another building and headed straight for it! I was rather stunned when it flew directly into a student's window, bounced off and fell with a twisted action down to the ground and into a bush.

Now.. This may sound rather ridiculous to you but this is no joke! A brief investigation in the bush revealed no Redwing, however I opted for a few seconds look as the bird had landed below a student's room and they wouldn't have liked someone poking outsde there window at 8:40 in the morning I don't think.. I never went back for another look for the bird, with lectures literally from 9am straight through til 4pm each day, there wasn't time really. It may still be lieing there now or may have recovered but somehow I doubt it.

Further on, in my walk, another Redwing flew over, outside my lecture room, high again and kept on going.. It had me wondering what else had dropped in that morning..

Other news that has been on mind recently has been the several mega birds seen in Britain lately. The Alder flycatcher at Blakeney point in Norfolk and the Northern Parula in Tiree/Argyll. The Parula in particular being my no.1 bird to see In Britain and both birds could have been on my British list, but this year I opted to concentrate on university.. Both have now moved off and its back to looking for yearticks to catch up with my realistic target of 280 for 2010. Cheers for now.

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