Wednesday, 24 August 2011

The Moroccan Team!

I had always heard that a trip to Morocco would leave you coming back speechless, not only the birds were of top quality, but the food, culture and landscape made this trip one of a kind. I had always wanted to travel to a different continent as I have already seen most of the UK, Ireland, Iceland, Lesvos, Austria and Majorca - North Africa was the next stop.

In the picture above, (pictured left to right) Eugene McCann, Myself and Ralph Jones. A thoroughly enjoyable trip was had by all with each of us gaining at least another 50 new birds to our life lists! A trip report will be available on the blog for all to read but this won't be until the end of this year..

Temperatures peaked at 35 degrees, but that was in the middle of the Sahara. Our clock in the car was albeit knackered, so ignore the figures from the date and time. Our 10 day trip to Morocco was the best birding trip I have ever been on and if anyone needs any advice or information if they are planning a trip, please do get in touch..

Throughout the trip I managed to see 47 new species which included:-

  • Barbary Partridge

  • Moussier's Redstart

  • Little Swift

  • African Blue Tit

  • Western Olivaceous Warbler

  • African Chaffinch

  • House Bunting

  • Common Bulbul

  • Laughing Dove

  • Blue - Cheeked - Bee - Eater

  • Atlas Shore Lark

  • Seebohm's Wheatear

  • Spectacled Warbler

  • White - Crowned - Black Wheatear

  • Crimson - Winged Finch

  • Lanner Falcon

  • Cream - Coloured Courser

  • Bar - Tailed Desert Lark

  • Thick - Billed Lark

  • Temminck's Horned Lark

  • Hoopoe Lark

  • Desert Wheatear

  • Red-Rumped Wheatear

  • Western Orphean Warbler

  • Melodious Warbler

  • Trumpeter Finch

  • Crowned Sandgrouse

  • Desert Lark

  • Rufous Tailed Scrub Robin

  • Scrub Warbler

  • Egyptian Nightjar

  • African Desert Warbler

  • Saharan Olivaceous Warbler

  • Fulvous Babbler

  • Brown Necked Raven

  • Desert Sparrow

  • Spotted Sandgrouse

  • Barbary Falcon

  • Pharoah Eagle Owl

  • Moroccan Pied Wagtail

  • African Rock Martin

  • Moroccan Tawny Owl

  • Moroccan Magpie

  • Bald Ibis

  • Black Crowned Tchagra

  • Brown Throated Sand Martin

  • Marbled Teal
Overall, a fantastic trip and it sure is a place I will travel back to, as we still missed some species.

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