Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Day 8 - 25th April - Birding around Agadir

Leaving the 'Auberge Taulouine' early morning, we headed to Agadir by the coast for a change of scenery. Driving through the numerous villages, it was clear that we were in good habitat for Fulvous Babbler as these were quite numerous.

Turtle Dove migration was well underway as we witnessed at least 1,000 of these beautiful little doves migrate over head, some in flocks of 200!

Along the way we picked up Black - Eared Wheatear, Black Kite and Black - Shouldered Kite.

Further along the coast at a site called Tamri, we picked up Slender - Billed Gull, Sanderling and a single Collard Pratincole on the beach.

A thorough search around the area of Tamri, revealed about 6 Bald Ibis resulting in a short paddle across a stream..

Mid afternoon and we headed past Agadir to a site where we had brilliant views of Black - Crowned Tchagra, Stone Curlew, Marbled Teal and Brown-Throated Sand Martin - many thanks to the warden here as we would never have found the sites by ourselves.

Late evening and we headed for the nearest hotel we could find and got our heads down, after yet another gorgeous meal, a hot shower and a ridiculously comfy bed!

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