Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Cettia Cetti!

Early morning on Saturday 7th May, I visited our CES site, along with Steve and Rachel. Having not had much spare time on my hands this year I have only been able to make 2 visits out of the actual 12, but amazingly that morning we caught a pair of Cetti's Warbler.

This is a species I have had in the hand before, however was intrigued to have a much closer look. Whilst in Spain a year or so ago with Stephen Menzie and Alex Jones, I partook in a couple of morning's ringing where Cetti's were caught regularly during my stay but they were just ringed and processed and released rather quickly as we were very busy that morning.

This pair (pictured above) were breeding on the site as the female had a brood patch (BP) and the male had Cloacal Protuberance (CP). I just hope they raised some young this year, although, we weren't successful in catching any - yet.

Also caught that morning was this Song Thrush.

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