Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Little Egret Ringing!

My Pied flycatcher surveying was now in full swing for my 3rd year dissertation project and so it was time for a break and definetely time to get some ringing done. An early start that morning saw myself and Zac at Aber Falls at 5:30am and by 10am, all surveys were done.

Shortly after we met up with friends Adrienne Stratford and Tony Cross to help them ring some Little Egret pullus. Amazing birds and an awfully long reach with that bill. A total of 4 Little Egret pullus were colour ringed as part of the on going project.

Photographed by Zac Hinchcliffe

After finishing in the Egret colony, we headed up to check and ring some more Chough Pullus around North Wales.

Over the next few days I also managed to hand catch a Jay, Jackdaw, Rook and Carrion Crow but these were all fresh out of the nest and placed safely back in nearby fields instead of hopping along the road..

Huge thanks to Adrienne for a great ringing experience and to Tony for climbing the ridiculously tall conifers in order to reach the chicks in the nest.

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