Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Day 6 - 23rd April - 'Local Birding'

The decision was made this morning to have an early morning walk around the grounds of the 'Auberge Derkhaoua' to see if we could locate any Egyptian Nightjars. A short breakfast and we were ready for action!

Unfortunately, that morning we were supposed to meet up with Ali Mouni in search of the elusive and rare Houbara Bustard. However, by 8am there was no sign of him so we gave Idir a call and he arranged to meet us at the hotel and show us a Female Egyptian Nightar on the nest.

Before Idir arrived, a flock of 200+ Spotted Sandgrouse flew over our cars heading deep into the Desert. An hour or so later, deep into the Saharan Desert we were stood watching the Nightjar on her nest - spectacular experience!

Back at the 'Auberge Derkhaoua', Idir gave us another one of is contacts, Hassan. Meeting up with Hassan on the 'Rissani Bridge', he later showed us fantastic views of 30 Crowned Sandgrouse, 50 Spotted Sandgrouse, Barbary Falcon, Lanner Falcon and Pharoah Eagle Owl!

An overnight stay at the 'Soleil Bleu' Hotel, enjoying couscous, beer and wine - nothing else mattered in the world!

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