Saturday, 13 November 2010

Scarborough skulker

I still can't believe that for the first time in the last month or so, I have found some time to update you on my most recent whereabouts..

To begin with, casting your minds back to my latest post, where I had an incredible days birding at Spurn Point with Mike, June and Pete, seeing Palla's warbler and many other common autumn sooner had I returned back to the glorious north that evening, I was once again, off on my travels! Arriving back in Ormskirk on {Oct 10th}, it was an all too brief visit and as usual it was an early train journey back to Bangor the following morning..

The week beginning - Mon 11th Oct, I had 3 days worth of constant lectures, with the Thursday and Friday off. So on Thursday 14th October, myself and Zac were up early that morning and headed for our days destination-Scarborough and the East Coast in search of 2 targets. Dusky warbler and Red-Breasted Flycatcher. This was to be yet another successfull days train twitching to add to our long list...

A couple of changes at Llandudno Junction, Manchester Oxford Road, Seamer and we reached Scarborough late morning around 11am. A brisk walk through the town centre and up onto the south side of Castle hill near a Children's play area, was shortly followed by an all too brief veiw of the Dusky warbler.

A few hours spent here, produced great views of this skulky little warbler, but it soon vanished and wasn't seen again that day. Moving off from here, we paid a pretty cheap train fare of £2:10 to Filey, where we managed to grab a brief view of the Red-Breasted Flycatcher that had been residing here for the last few days. A brief call led us to it's location which was rather handy due to the strong winds..

A more than worthwhile day and with another 2 yearticks in the bag, things were looking interesting for the rest of the year..

Red-Breasted Flycatcher site

Dusky Warbler site

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