Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Belated blogging

Just a quick post tonight folks as I have got a lot of university work that needs completing, before my next birding trip this weekend. I must apologise for the recent lack of updates to the blog, basically because I have been so busy lately in Bangor with work, amongst other things aswell.. Finding time for blogging in the evenings just hasn't been possible lately.

Unfortunately the next blog update is going to be the week beginning Monday 8th November once everything has calmed down and a full update will be available for the past 3 weeks or so!

I thought I would include a brief summary of what I have been upto over the last month:- Lots of birding trip reports and several twitches to add onto the blog, many yearticks have been achieved, several ringing sessions to update you on and quite a few other things too.. These will all have to wait for another week or so..

Bye for now..

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