Sunday, 14 November 2010

Waxwings invade Bangor!!

Reports of Waxwings from all over the UK were reaching me all day on Thursday 28th October.. So when I recieved a text off Zac saying he had just had a flock of around 20 Waxwings from his window...and as he lives literally a minute walk from my flat at university.. I was off!! Having the day off anyway, I finished a section of my leaflet and headed out into Bangor in search of these scandinavian beatuies!!

Shortly after, we relocated them, 40 infact in the trees surrounding Ffriddoed site where I am based in Bangor.. Zac headed off to finish off some work and so I phoned Alex Jones as I knew he hadn't seen any yet this year and he shortly arrived 5 minutes later, unfortunately with no waxwings in sight. We jumped in his car and had a quick drive around Bangor and managed to find a flock of 5 Waxwings!! Mega!

Later on in the day, we had a flock of around 60 birds by the Maes Glas Sports Centre briefly, before they headed off to roost!

A superb end to the week and as always, a sheer pleasure to see Waxwings!

Check out:-

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