Sunday, 14 November 2010

Glossy Ibis - Anglesey - 23rd October

This particluar Glossy Ibis that myself and Zac finally managed to connect with, must have caused the most grief for us both, this year! After 2 failed attempts, the first we managed to walk further than we needed to, the 2nd attempt we walked in the right direction this time.. More importantly, the night of our 2nd failed attempt, Zac totted up the miles we had walked and it came to a ridiculous 26.2 miles!!! What were we thinking, it was only a yeartick??

However, our 3rd attempt was succesfull.. On the Saturday morning whilst I was off twinkling a flock of Redshank along the coast between Bangor and Aber Ogwen Nature Reserve, Zac thought it neccessary to text me to say that he was watching the ibis!! Come on man.. Once we had finished for the day, I sneaked off and caught a train to Rhosneigr, walked the 2 miles to the site, found the right field and amazingly, there...infront of me... some 30ft away... was the Glossy Ibis! This bird had cost me 30 miles walking, a severe drenching from a torrential downpour and to top it all off, the first 2 attempts it turns out we were in the wrong place! The bird was infact 200 yards away in a nearby field.. Unbelievable is all I can say..

The Glossy Ibis featured wears a colour-ring and was originally ringed in Spain, first turning up on the Otter Estuary in Devon and later on Anglesey - great movement!

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