Monday, 22 November 2010

Iceland Gull and more Waxwings!!!

During Saturday afternoon at the Birdfair, myself and Ciaran headed off back to Preston in search of the Juvenile Iceland Gull that had been at Preston Docks for the past few days.. Kane very kindly dropped us off at Rufford Station and with an hour's wait there, we were soon on our way.... On arrival in Preston we stopped off to have another look at the 100+ strong flock of Waxwings on Euston Street.. Both the Waxwing pictures were digiscoped on Saturday 13th, when I visited the flock with Mr M Bridge..

Moving off, I met up with good friend John Tubb again and the 3 of us headed off towards the docks.. Ciaran soon spotted the Iceland Gull sat amongst some Juvenile Herring gulls on one of the rafts whilst I was chatting to John. Nice one Ciaran! The bird showed really well throughout our time there, flying around taking bread from the nearby car-park.

The bird sat down for most of the time, but soon stood up and we could admire it's true beauty!

We also managed to see the flock of 20 Waxwings at Preston dock, making our Waxwing total in the region of 120 individual birds! Mega! Iceland Gull was my 269th species for 2010 so thanks Ciaran.. A quick snack in Macdonald's and we headed back into Preston Town Centre.. A short train journey back to Ormskirk and a nice long evening relaxing on the couch watching TV! Nicely done!

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  1. "Oh Cia you're a STAR, an absolute STAR!" - ICELANDIC BANTER 2010.