Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Gentle Gyrfalcons!

Before our trip to Iceland began, I put together a list of 3 taregt species I wanted to see. These included: Gyrfalcon, Barrow's Goldeneye and Harlequin Duck! Instead I got all 3 of the above, plus 4 LONG-TAILED SKUAS and a single ARCTIC REDPOLL!

So when I saw my first Gyrfalcon, it was absolutely f***** massive! I mean, it would out do a Peregrine Falcon anyday! Many individuals were seen and a few at nest sites with young, including these 2 well fledged juveniles! Strangely, since they were not used to man at all, we were able to creep to within less than a metre from them and this is no joke!
See for yourself!!!

Absolutely unreal!!

These are wild birds don't forget!

Photographs of the Gyr's in their natural environment - photographed by Kane brides!

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