Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Wash Wader Ringing Group

No sooner had I landed back at Manchester airport on Saturday 7th August with the lads, I was already planning my next trip - This time with Steve and Rachel.. Home on 7th August and off again on 10th August for a week's cannon-netting waders down on the wash in Norfolk!

7th August - Flew back from Iceland
8th August - Washing and packing
9th August - Train to chester/drove down to the wash with Steve, Rachel and Louise

Each year the teams are split into 2, one on the Terrington side of the wash and the other on the Lincolnshire side of the wash. Myself, Steve, Rachel and Louise were on the Lincolnshire side..

The Lincs team

Ringing totals for Lincolnshire Team:-

Bar-tailed godwit - 314 new + 20 recap
Curlew - 3 new
Whimbrel - 1 new
Oystercatcher - 348 new + 56 recap
Redshank - 10 new + 1 recap
Knot - 18 new + 1 recap
Turnstone - 1 new
Dunlin - 14 new

Total :- 710 new + 78 recap

Ringing totals for Terrington team:-

Bar-tailed godwit - 7 new + 2 recap
Black-tailed godwit - 191 new + 4 recap
Curlew - 32 new + 1 recap
Whimbrel - 4 new
Oystercatcher - 52 new + 23 recap
Grey plover - 32 new + 1 recap
Redshank - 71 new
Knot - 5 new
Turnstone - 6 new
Ringed plover - 19 new + 1 recap
Sanderling - 169 new + 49 recap
Dunlin - 625 new + 21 recap

Totals:- 1213 new + 102 recap - inc a pullus Skylark = 1214 new and 102 recap

A summer-plumaged male Bar-tailed godwit

Norwegian/Oslo control - JJJ6

Also caught was a Pullus Skylark newly out of the nest, a new species for Rachel and not long out of the nest.. Louise and myself kindly got a lift to Boston station, where we caught the train back to Liverpool Lime street - late on sunday evening..

Louise is currently doing a PHD on Puffin island studying the feeding habits of Kittiwake and Shag and so she kindly asked if I would like to help out with her fieldwork next year on Puffin island, as well as Alderney and Skomer - seems as though I will have yet another busy summer next year!!!

Please see the link in ''Ringing and Birding blogs'' on the right hand side of my blog for more information on The Wash Wader Ringing Group and to see what their work is all about - you may even want to try cannon-netting out for yourself?

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