Sunday, 8 August 2010

Iceland 2010

Yesterday afternoon I landed back in the UK after a superb month's ringing trip to Iceland, accompanied with Kane Brides, Ciaran Hatsell and Craig Brookes. Being in Iceland since July 10th was certainly a long enough break for us all. The purpose of this trip was to carry out ringing work on Flatey island in North west Iceland for just under 2 weeks and then some Whooper swan work up in Northern Iceland around Lake Myvatn.

Before I begin, I must thank Kane Brides for inviting me on this trip as it has to be the best trip I have ever embarked on, so thanks ever so much Kane. Many thanks to Craig and Ciaran also. Even more thanks are in order to Aevar Petersen and Sverrir Thorstensen who allowed us to take part in the ringing work on Flatey and Lake Myvatn. Huge thanks too Solveig Bergs and Dorey Ketildottir who fed and looked after us for our time in Iceland! Thanks to Steve and Tim Christmas for attending for a few days..
Time is ticking as I have to get ready for a week's trip down to Norfolk down at the Wash for some Cannon-netting. Ciaran and Kane are in the same boat as they fly out once again to Romania for 3 weeks at the ringing camp there..
Birds seen in Iceland first..

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