Friday, 19 February 2010

Scan spectacular!!!

SCAN SPECTACULAR?? I can see many people reading this now thinking what on earth is SCAN? Well 'SCAN' is the Wader Ringing Group in North wales and of which I am highly involved in... This weekend just gone, {13th/14th February} was the last weekend of this year's first winter catching season.. The next SCAN weekend is in the beginning of September.. Anyway, the weekend just gone, was absolutely fantastic when it came to catching waders.. We really did end it with a bang as we managed to successfully catch 869 birds in just 4 catches...

The species caught were:
- Oystercatcher,
- Ringed plover,
- Redshank,
- Dunlin,
- Knot,
- Turnstone,
- Shelduck,
- Pintail,
- Wigeon,
I managed to ring just under 100 birds on the weekend bringing my total of birds ringed with Steve, to just under 400 now... Getting there slowly. . .

Friday night:
- Mist-netting at a place called wigg..
- Got back to bed at 2am!!

- Cannon-netting at Bangor harbour..
- 403 Dunlin caught..

Saturday night:
- Mist-netting at Llanfairfechan sewage works..
- Finished at 12pm and in bed at 1am!

- Shelduck/Male, {Pintail/Male - Ringing tick for Rachel}, {Wigeon/Male and Female - Ringing tick for myself - I ringed the female but lovely birds all the same.....

- Sunday: Cannon-netting at Beamauris..
- 150 or so caught,
- Consisting of Ringed plover and Turnstone,
Both birds were caught at 11pm that night so we were some what knackered by then..

Overall, a massive 869 birds were caught over the weekend and several people getting ringing ticks, e.g. myself and Rachel..

All that's left now are to show the pictures.. go on..gorge yourselves....

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