Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Barn Owl, Kestrel and Swallow Pulli Ringing!

Carrying on from the trip to Norfolk on 25th and 26th June, it didn't take me long to get back out ringing with Kane and Dave Edwards on the local mosses around Manchester.

On Tuesday 28th June, I spent the morning checking their Barn Owl and Kestrel nestboxes scattered around several sites. During the morning 1 Kestrel was ringed which was a bird from a brood of 5, of which 4 of them had already fledged, leaving just one bird left over near the nestbox. Another brood of 5 Kestrel were also ringed.

A Barn Owl was also ringed during the morning like this little individual.

2 Stock Dove pulli also ringed when inspecting a Barn Owl nestbox.

Several broods of Swallow were also ringed during the morning.

Huge thanks to Dave Edwards and Kane Brides for inviting me along that morning and for Dave for letting me ring the birds during the morning.

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