Friday, 2 September 2011

Norfolk Birding!

Just over 4 days rest and I was off again, this time over to the East Coast to Norfolk/Suffolk for a weekend of birding with my dad and grandad. From 25th June until 26th June, Norfolk was the only thing on my mind and what would lay in stall for us over the weekend.

During the weekend we visited Lakenheath Nature Reserve where we had good views of Hobby, Green Woodpecker and Grasshopper Warbler. Despite seeing a Grasshopper Warbler carrying food several times around me and flying down into a thick reedy area, inaccessible to the public, I was somewhat frustrated that I couldn't have a look!

My dad and Grandad scanning one of the lakes for the ever favourite bird's - Hobby. I on the other hand was checking the flock of Coot for colour rings and watching Reed warblers carrying food to their nestlings. No sight nor sound of any Golden Orioles here, just a few Turtle Doves on nearby wires. However I did pick up a Male Montagu's Harrier near to the railway which flew around nearby fields giving exceptional views!

A visit to Weeting Heath resulted in 2 Adult Stone Curlew and a chick, as well as several Green Woodpecker but no Woodlarks..

An evening visit to Dersingham Bog National Nature Reserve however, produced at least 6 churring Nightjars and very close views of a bird circling and wing-clapping around my head some 3ft away.

Around 90 species were seen during the weekend, so not all that bad really.

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