Thursday, 1 September 2011

White - Throated Robin!

Early morning on Tuesday 7th June, I met up with Steve at Aber Falls to ring the brood of 6 Wood Warblers, shortly followed by a relaxed 4 hour survey as part of my dissertation project. Having already been up since 6am, completed a 8 mile cycle, 4 hours of surveying - I was looking forward to a rest in the afternoon.

However, this was not to be the case and as soon as I got back down from the Falls and back into mobile phone reception, the phone rang.. Seconds later and I was hurtling along the road on my bike trying to get to Aber Ogwen Nature Reserve where I was to be picked up by Rob Sandham, Martin Jones and Chris Jones. They were on their way to twitch the White - Throated Robin up in Hartlepool. This bird was originally identified as a Red-Flanked Bluetail in the field but once the bird was trapped and ringed, the birds I.D. was soon changed; so I jumped at the chance of seeing this Scandinavian beauty. In the process of cycling to the reserve I managed to get in contact with Zac and get him to the 'pick-up point' in the nick of time..

Arriving at Hartlepool Headland around 5pm and a quick sprint to the Bowling Green/Doctor's Garden where the bird was showing, within a few minutes a birder popped his head out of a garage door ans there pootling about on the lawn of the Doctor's Garden was a 1st-summer Female White - Throated Robin. The 2nd record for Britain!

Huge thanks to Rob for inviting me along, Martin for doing all the driving and to the Doctor for allowing access into his garden.

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