Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Long - Eared Owls!

A rest for a week and a bit was rather nice but a week passed on by and it was time to head out again and do some ringing. A few days afterwards, Kane and I headed out to Iceland for our annual seabird and Whooper Swan work.

On Thursday 14th July I met up with Kane, Ciaran and Zac to ring the brood of Long - Eared Owls that Kane had found and they were now ready for ringing. Thankfully, all 5 chicks were at the correct stage for ringing and all now wear G rings. This was another new species for me and every moment was special - what a gorgeous bird!

Ciaran who is working as a warden on the Farne Islands in Northmberland paid us a visit that day and it was great to see him as we hadn't seem him for quite some time. Best of luck with the rest of your contract mate!

A super day was had by all and ringing Long - Eared Owl chicks was just awesome!

Huge thanks to Kane for allowing me to ring one of the best birds I have ever handled! Thanks also to Zac for allowing me to use his photos!

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