Saturday, 27 March 2010

South Stack

Since seeing the Bean geese on Plex moss on 27th February, my birding began to slow to a halt..

Lectures from 9am - 5pm more or less 5 days a week, the weekend was my only time for birding, unless I had time off during the week. So.. early morning on the 17th March, I headed for Anglesey, in particular, South Stack RSPB! The weather in Bangor was glorious sunshine that morning around 8am, however on arrival at Holyhead, the rain began to drop from the skies and the sea fog drifted in! Great, just what I wanted!!
As with all birding trips, I set myself some target species to try and pin down. For this particular trip they included:- Black-throated diver, Ruddy duck, Razorbill, Puffin, Blackcap, Wheatear, Barn owl and Sand martin.. Now, considering the weather.......guess how many of those 8 species I saw?? Unbelievably I only managed to see one of them which turned out to be a Razorbill!! I couldn't believe it! A soddin Razorbill for about 15 miles walking, why do I do it?!!

Single Razorbill {only one seen}

That day I walked about 15-20 miles....

- Train from Bangor - Holyhead
- Walked from Holyhead train station - Soldier's point + Breakwater
- Breakwater - South Stack RSPB
- South Stack RSPB - Holyhead train station
- Train from Holyhead - Valley
- Valley - Llyn penrhyn
- Llyn penrhyn - Valley
- Valley - Bangor

{Guillemots were back on the cliff faces}

Lots of Guillemots were seen as well as a few of the 'Bridled' variety. Several Fulmars and Kittwakes buzzed around in the high winds, a few Choughs and the odd Raven and that was about it really, oh...and one hell of a lot of fog!!!!!!

I can tell you this for sure that, whenever I go out birding for a day, it always involves a train and several miles walking in this case, a bit too far just for a Rzorbill.. If I didn't go I could have missed something..

I did manage to take some pics of some birds along the way.. Cheers

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