Monday, 15 March 2010

2 Firecrests at Porth Penrhyn - 167!!

Heard news this morning from RBA {Rare bird alert} that there was a Firecrest yesterday at Porth Penrhyn in Bangor!!

Urgh!! Mega!
So... Finished my lecture on Ecology and Evolution at 2pm, popped back up to my room, picked up bins and camera and headed on down to the small park at Porth penrhyn where the bird had been seen. By the entrance to the park, I heard a very high pitched cresty noise.. then... it popped out!! Bingo! Firecrest on the yearlist!! Nice bird!! 167 now!!

Watched this stunning little bird for a further 15 minutes and got 1 poor record shot of it.. You can at least make out that it is a Firecrest from the picture anyway.. I then lost it and on walking round the park, relocated it with another bird so now 2 Firecrests!! Mega!! Well worth the walk..

See picture attached..
Cheers for now....

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