Tuesday, 7 February 2012

North Wales Coot Project!

Over the weekend, I decided to swap from trapping; giving it a break for a while and change to our hand catching method around North Wales.

I have very recently started the North Wales Coot Project which is running in conjunction to the main project, run by Kane in the north-west. Sorting permissions and site access has been main our main priority but I am happy to say that the project has now begun and well under way. I now have at least half a dozen sites for Coot whether they be small or large lakes.

Sunday 5th February I took Zac and Matt along to my new site at Rhyl Brickworks Local Nature Reserve to see what I could catch. After gaining permission from the site warden, (Adrian Hibbert) and also thanks to local North Wales birder John Roberts; I set about catching. During the morning 3 Coot were caught and colour-ringed. A Juvenile Black-headed gull was also caught by Zac, (not what I was after but a welcome bird all the same).

Birds are being given a BTO Metal ring on their right leg and colour ring on their left; white darvic with black lettering. If you happen to see a Coot wearing a colour ring, please can you report all sightings to kanebrides'@'gmail.com.

If you know of any Coot around North Wales, whether a single bird on a local park lake or a nice sized flock, please could you get in touch with me or leave a comment on the blog and I will get back to you.

Huge thanks to Kane Brides for helping hugely with the project in North Wales, to John Roberts for gaining permission to ring on Rhyl Brickworks Local Nature Reserve and to Adrian Hibbert for giving permission.

I will be out again tomorrow catching so check back then for a full update.