Tuesday, 28 February 2012

How do you catch 56 Siskin?!

Firstly I must apologize for the lack of postings on the blog lately but as my time here in Bangor is slowly picking up the pace with even more work and a busier schedule than normal, time to update the blog has been far and few between.

As the title of this post suggests I have been mainly catching Siskins lately and a total of 56 birds have been captured in my drop trap. This includes 52 New birds, 3 re-traps and 1 Control.

Here she is - my first ever control and what a species to start on - a 6F Siskin - L869279. Does this ring number ring any bells to anyone, if so please get in touch with me as I would love to hear where she was ringed.

My catch has involved a grand total of 23 Males and 33 Females, of which 38 have been euring age code 5 and 18 euring age code 6. I wish I could have caught the flock as there are still about 30-40 birds around with many un-ringed birds so I may pay a visit to Matt's garden this week and see if I can reach the 100 Siskin mark? Can I catch 44 more Siskins??

Huge thanks to Matt for allowing me to catch and ring all these birds in his garden as I have now captured 186 birds in our garden in Bangor.

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