Thursday, 9 February 2012

It all amounts up!

I spent yesterday down at Rhyl Brickworks with the aim to catch a couple of Coot during the day. I invited Matt along as well, so he could gain some more valuable ringing and ageing experience of Coot.

Unfortunately just 2 Coot were caught during the day. I am not disappointed by the number, as each bird amounts up to my target of 30 birds which I need to reach before April, so the next few weeks ahead are going to be busy but I'm looking forward to it all..

Rhyl Brickworks is owned by Denbighshire County Council and is home to around 40 Coot at the moment with most coming in to a small area where the birds are fed regularly. However, these Coot are very skittish and each time I catch a Coot they all flush and won't come back for some considerable time. Several other methods are in hand at this site, with the means to boost the catch rate per day so next visit could be more interesting.

A quick visit to Pentremawr Lake where at least 3o Coot reside; these are also in need of ringing and just 1 Coot on Tir Prince in Towyn.

A quick visit to another site on the outskirts of Bangor today to see if there are any Coot on site revealed there to be 5 birds un-ringed so there is another job, for one late night when the new moon arrives next week.

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