Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Ringing totals for 2010

There has been a lack of posting for a few weeks on the blog, as my time here at Bangor university is getting somewhat ridiculously busy. Landing back at Manchester airport those few weeks ago, after a rather memorable ringing trip to Ireland, seems all too long ago. The days between then and today - my schedule has been non-stop. Tonnes of revision to work through for 3 different modules, my Geographical Information Systems project to complete since I was unable to complete this before Christmas due to illness and several other on-going reports and the thought of deciding on my choices for my 3rd year dissertation, just makes me feel the need to get away from it all and have a short break.

Since ringing with Steve has come to a halt for a few weeks, he kindly sent me our North Wales ringing totals for 2010, which cheered me up a little, knowing how many birds we had caught and ringed. These totals exclude all the waders we have mist-netted and cannon-netted, as well as all the seabirds that we ringed during the summer on Puffin Island.

A grand total of 3724 new birds including 100 pulli. A satisfying total of 415 re-traps and recoveries. The overall total stands at 4139 birds caught during 2010. Hopefully we will try and beat this total this year - wait and see..

A massive thanks to Steve and Rachel for training me throughout the whole of 2010 and here's to a hugely successful years worth of ringing. Not forgetting our wader and seabird totals - which probably brings our overall total for 2010 to around the 6,000 birds mark!! If I receive any more ringing totals from Steve, I shall post them as soon as I can. Absolutely fantastic!!


  1. Seems like some very impressive results to me. Great info and super photos!

  2. Hi Bill,

    Our ringing totals for this year are extremely high and one of our best years of ringing. Many thanks for the comments on the blog.