Saturday, 1 January 2011

Raining Redpolls

Catching and Ringing Tufted Duck and Coot on Thursday was great stuff, but to catch as many birds as we did on Friday was truely magical! Early on Friday morning, myself and Kane met up with Steve Christmas where we were to net a new ringing site. Kane and Steve had been contacted by another ringer in the area to inform them about the large numbers of Lesser Redpoll that had been regularly frequenting Michael and Mary's garden.. This morning turned out to be a great success. With only a short drive to the site, we set up a 30ft net in the garden and waited in the comfort of a warm lounge, drinking mugs of coffee and tea whilst watching Redpolls descend to the feeders.. I couldn't have thought of a better way to end 2010's ringing - Superb stuff.
Throughout the morning we managed to catch a total of 84 birds including 37 Lesser Redpoll.
  • Lesser Redpoll - 37
  • Goldfinch - 2
  • Greenfinch - 1
  • Blue tit - 18
  • Coal tit - 4
  • Great tit - 3
  • Long-tailed tit - 7
  • Blackcap - 1
  • Robin - 2
  • Starling - 2
  • House Sparrow - 4
  • Blackbird - 2
  • Collard Dove - 1
The Collard Dove that was caught during the morning was more than welcome. I always feel that getting the opportunity to ring and process a new species is good preparation for when I recieve my C Permit.

Many thanks to Michael and Mary for letting us ring in their garden and for their cups of tea and coffee and to Steve and Kane for letting me help out during the morning.

Well, that is 2010 summed up I think..


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