Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Purple Heron on Anglesey!!

Photographed by Zac Hinchcliffe

Since my last post where I stated that 'I shall try to update as soon as I had finished my 2nd year exams', was a rather silly statement as there has been no activity on this blog since that given time. Now that I have a week or so free, this blog will be updated completely with all ventures that have occured over the last few months!

To kick start this update, I shall begin with the twitch that myself and Zac took part in whilst we were back in Bangor on 5th April, over on Anglesey. There had been a few reports of an adult Purple Heron on a small pond at a place called Dwyran. Unfortunately at the time, my week was rather full of lectures, but luckily when I had a day off the bird appeared once more on the pool and as a result, within half an hour of the phonecall from Alan davies; we were both over on Anglesey watching this superb bird feeding around the edges of the pool, alongside Alex Jones. This was a british lifer for us all and was truly well earned, as by the time we had seen the bird well, we were already caked in mud..

Photographed by Zac Hinchcliffe

Great views were had of the bird in flight and as we hadn't yet seen the bird on the ground, we re-twitched the bird a few days later; this time with Mathew Bruce and Hamza Yassin, where superb views of the bird were had feeding around the margins of the small reedy pool.

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