Thursday, 23 June 2011

Magical Morocco!!

Since I was a young lad, I have always wanted to visit Africa as it is a continent that I have not yet managed to cover. A combination of the spectacular rich birdlife, fantastic food, stunning landscapes and an overall 'awe' for the place; this was to be the best birding trip I have ever witnessed. Ralph Jones, Eugene McCann and I, headed out to Morocco for 10 days of speedy birding on 18th April - 27th April.

Seeing as though none of us had birdwatched in Morocco before, nearly every species we encountered was new to us and being such a memorable venture, it is going to be tough to describe all parts of the trip so I shall try my best and show you the sites we visited day by day and the species we encountered within. The main aim of this trip was to cover the whole of Northern Morocco around the Atlas Mountains and try to see all the 'main' moroccan species that all birders who visit this area, target.

Throughout the trip we visited all the main sites and picked up all of our desired species along the way, with some of these showing themselves to us like we had never believed possible. Temperatures reached 35 degrees in the Sahara Desert and we even managed to witness a hail and thunderstorm in the Sahara - honest! I added a superb 50 lifers to my lifelist and an overall trip total of around 150 species.

No matter where you travelled in Morocco, camels seemed to be everywhere. Now for the day by day account of our trip with some spectacular birds!

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