Sunday, 6 February 2011

SCAN - 5th/6th February 2011

Unfortunately, the weather for last week was forecast to be very wet and windy. The weather forecasters actually got it right for once, so we were in for a wet and windy weekend. Although the weather for the weekend turned out to be alot worse than I originally expected. Unfortunately, this weekend was SCAN Ringing Groups {Shropshire, Conwy and Anglesey} last cannon-netting weekend of this winter and amazingly, after our catch at the weekend - SCAN Ringing Group has successfully ringed just over 404,045 birds since it was set-up!

This weekend I was joined by mates Kane Brides, Craig Brookes and Ciaran Hatsell who drove up to Bangor to give us a hand over the weekend. Throughout Saturday, we began to deal with the fact that the rain wasn't going anywhere. So with a break in the rain, we set 2 cannon-nets quickly and efficiently on different beaches so to maximise our disturbance to the site as the tide was on it's way in. During the morning, we fired both of the nets; resulting in 16 Shelduck, 1 Wigeon, 1 Redshank and 5 Turnstone being caught.

With such a small catch, it gave us more time to concentrate on the criteria we use for ageing these birds. More importantly, it was a chance for other folk to appreciate the birds in the hand and to practise fitting larger rings..

Robin Sandham, new to cannon-netting - holding his first wader - a Juvenile Redshank..
Spending time on ageing the Shelducks enabled us to truley appreciate the beauty of these over-looked wildlfowl.

Craig Brookes and Kane Brides discussing the age of a Shelduck with my trainer, Steve Dodd..
My warden in my flat at university, came along as I had promised him that he could take some photographs for his course and to hold some birds during the weekend.. Hamzar Yassin has had an interest in birds for a few years now, but bringing him along to this weekend, he truley appreciated the sheer beauty of the birds and it was great to show him the birds in the hand that he had been watching during his time at Bangor..
Huge thanks to Steve and Rachel for yet another great weekend's cannon-netting. More thanks to Hamzar Yassin for doing all the driving and transporting us to the sites. Thanks to Kane Brides, Craig Brookes and Ciaran Hatsell for making Saturday night an interesting night out in Bangor, all of us were pretty drunk, but we can't not forget young Zac..

This weekend was Zac's first experience at cannon-netting and he thoroughly enjoyed it! To see other accounts of this weekend, visit:-

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Our efforts on Sunday were ended due to the wind being too strong, so no attempt was made to set a net.. Hopefully, I will be out ringing with Steve in 2 weeks time, as Steve is away this weekend, but check back soon as I plan to get out birding sometime this week..

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