Friday, 15 January 2010

Birding Highlights - 2009!


Long-Billed Dowitcher

Velvet Scoter (1st-winter drake)

Red-Breasted Goose

White Stork

When I was first introduced to birds by my dad in the early years of childhood and many people who read this now won't believe what I am about to say..but I used to say birdwatching was boring! I must have been crazy when I said that as over the years, birding has become more and more of one life's daily essentials. It is necessary in every birder's life. If I couldn't go birding, my life would never be the same. Anyway, as the years have shot by from 2000, all the way to 2009, the birds have come thick and fast for me. I just thought I would share with you the best birds for me of 2009:-

Red-necked grebe, Balearic Shearwater, Sooty Shearwater, Great White Egret, White Stork.

Red-Breasted Goose, Snow Goose, Ferruginous Duck, Velvet Scoter, Hooded Merganser, Capercaillie, Baird's Sandpiper, Spotted Sandpiper, Long-Billed Dowitcher, Glaucous Gull, GLAUCOUS-WINGED GULL, White-Winged Black Tern, AMERICAN BLACK TERN, Pallid Swift, Shorelark, Red-Flanked Bluetail, Dusky Warbler, EASTERN-CROWNED WARBLER, Yellow-Browed Warbler, Red-Breasted Flycatcher, BROWN SHRIKE, Red-Backed Shrike, Great Grey Shrike, Cirl Bunting, Lapland Bunting.

Enjoy the video of the Glaucous Gull which I filmed at Aberdesach/Caernarfon/North Wales on 30/11/09...


  1. Fantastic fotos Chris, congratulations, Fernando.

  2. Hi Fernando,

    Thanks for the comment. I always think a blog looks alot better with some pictures to go with it, don't you think. Cheers